• AlbLegis Studio

    AlbLegis STUDIO is a legal office, established in 2015. We offer complete services in legal field, for individuals or business. AlbLegis offers legal services in all areas of law: civil law, family law, administrative law, contractual law, commercial law and criminal law.
    In order to be as close as possible to the customer, we have the necessary infrastructure to monitor any problems with the institutions in the territory of the Republic of Albania…

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  • Our Services

    ☞ Legal advice: AlbLegis, through a monthly package, provides legal follow-up on the legal files of local and international companies…
    ☞ Representation before the Courts of Justice: AlbLegis monitors cases of civil, commercial, tax…
    ☞ Civil Law: Drafting of Wills/Testament. – Sharing of movable / immovable properties…
    ☞ Business Case: Legal advice on setting up a business/company

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  • Consultation online

    AlbLegis offers an on-line support service, reasonably priced, efficient, and responsive at all times during the day. This support can be offered by email contacts, or by phone.
    – Preparation of legal reports or financial advice, within short deadlines;
    – Preparation of legal reports or financial advice, within short deadlines;
    – We work easily in three languages: Albanian, French, English…
    Contact us directly fill out the contact form or by e-mail!

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  • Mission

    Our Mission

    AlbLegis’s mission is to contribute, through its modest daily activities, to improving the standards of legal certainties for individuals, legal persons, national or international companies.
    Through this activity, we hope to contribute in creating a better social environment, or the individual feels respected and feels obliged to respect the mechanisms of functioning of society. The individual will find support, whenever he/she considers that his/her rights are attained.


    Our vision

    AlbLegis contributes, like other players in the same field, to create a social environment that is in good health, for the INDIVIDUS. A society, where the rights and freedoms of the individual must be respected, which in turn guarantees a better future for generations to come.


    Our goals

    • To provide an effective, transparent, and result-oriented legal advice service;
    • To put at the center of the interest the respect and the defense of the rights of the individuals, against any attacks from the administration, to the third parties;
    • To create a database with publications of local jurisprudence articles;
    • To exchange experience with partners, local and international professionals, to improve our service vis-à-vis customers.
  • Why should I choose AlbLegis!?

    • Transparency;
      The principle of transparency is at the core of our work, in relation to our client. We discuss openly, in order to define together the possible solutions, going through a simple and open communication.
    • Honesty;
      We are devoted and honest and we are committed to meeting your expectations.
    • The Professionalism;
      A thorough knowledge of the legislation in force, an update of recent evolutions of the jurisprudence.
    • Humanism;
      To arrive at a desired result, is not a satisfaction only material, but above all it is human. We hope to have put one more stone, to build a better society for future generations.